Brief overview of the main political parties in Venezuela

Current political parties in Venezuela did have undeniably an important role in the shaping of the modern country. However, they also bear an immense share of responsibility in the management of the present crisis. Resort to the assistance of your favorite acquainted escorts to have a clearer perspective of the democratic model of this nation.

Fifth Republic Movement

Venezuela is currently experiencing a process of transition, from an old government model to another that is still in process of definition. Your smart Los Angeles escort from can explain you how this situation has generated strong tension between traditional actors who were resisting the change, and the new emerging politicians.

Since 1998, with the advent to power of Hugo Chavez Frias, the influences of traditional parties have decreased. New movements like MVR have emerged, which has allowed old ones like MAS and PPT staying afloat.

MVR (Fifth Republic Movement) political party aimed to respond to social needs by achieving equity as a new order of social justice and material basis of society. Intelligent ladies from the Escort Directory will explain you that this goal requires the transformation of material and social conditions of the majority of the population. A fundamental step to build a new status of citizenship based on the full recognition and guaranteed exercise of rights.

This political movement had also the goal of encouraging an economic development through the creation of micro-enterprises and cooperatives. This strategy had to be combined with complementary measures like technical assistance, training, marketing and other financial tactics.

Political and economical implications after the decease of Hugo Chavez

However, in 2013, the death of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has placed the nation in a difficult political and economic situation. Skilled escorts can give you some details about how the country was affected by a radical polarization between the United Socialist Party and the opposition led by Henrique Capriles.

Additionally, the forecasts of economic growth were around 2%, a very low percentage to guarantee the welfare of population.

The development model was based on oil revenues, for the detriment of non-oil private sector that has failed to boost their investment. Your knowledgeable Los Angeles escort can explain you how socialist policies have left a productive apparatus with very little capacity to be competitive internationally, presenting a structural backwardness.

By that time, inflation in Venezuela reached dramatic levels above 30%. The fiscal deficit as a percentage of gross domestic product exceeded 15%.

In 2015, emerged MUD (The Bureau of Democratic Unity) as a coalition of four major parties, small groups and some individuals like Maria Corina Machado. Clever escorts will inform you that this alliance is the second attempt to unite the opposition movements after the failure of the first union known as Democratic Coordinator.

One of the components of this new coalition is Democratic Action (AD), an old social party that led Venezuela between 1958 and 1998.

Your beautiful Los Angeles escort will let you know that AD has interpreted from the beginning the realities and needs of Venezuela. It has assumed the responsibility of developing a democracy that transforms the country so it can achieve modernization through an optimal development.